Pirelli Calendar 2013


Pirelli just recently unveiled their latest installment of their annual fund raising calender and much to my (and many others) disappointment there are no nude photos.

According to Casting Director Jennifer Starr: “All of this year’s calendar’s models were chosen specifically for their extensive charity work, and it was thought that nudity might, dilute the message”.

Its not a complete train wreck though as photographer Steven Curry still manages to bring the best out the models without going nude.


Shot in Rio de Janerio Brazil, this years calender boasts an impressive line-up of super models from Karlie Kloss to a visibly pregnant Adriana Lima(who looks hotter pregnant).

Its obviously one for the die-hard fans and collectors and personally I and the Houseonmag team will wait for next years calender when they bring the nude back.

But then again that’s just us, check the video out (FashionTV Channel) and an make your own conclusions.

  • Toko-Toko Ntai Mphelo

    Honestly, I understand that photographing nude models on the calender will dilute the message but aren’t they moving away from the core Idea of the Pirelli Calender. Exclusive unknown models posing in a way that they make the photo look or feel authentic, unique, priceless. The Pirelli calender is not one of those calenders that you get on first January at a local Tyre Hardware store, It was one of those collectible that you bid for (no matter what year it was 1960 or 2008) if it was auctioned out (If they were actually auctioned out) because of the limited prints made of the calender. Now looking at this images, I am sorry, it is disappointing and I hope they make it up by printing it on paper that could destroy the earth if it were to be produced in large quantities.