Welcome To Mi Casa

Definition of Mi Casa:-

Mi Casa (Spanish) means ‘My House’ (English)

Meet Mi Casa, South Africa’s newest soulful house collective, made up of 3 extremely talented and charismatic individuals; who’ve bought together their explosive musical talents to create SA’s freshest house sound. Mi Casa’s sound incorporates soulful vocals, guitar picks and smooth keys topped with the sound of a sweet trumpet, creatively blended by band members Dr Duda (Club DJ /Producer), guitarist & super vocalist  J’Something and Trumpeter Mo-T.

Although this might be the first time you encounter Mi Casa, the band members are no strangers to the local music scene. Mi Casa’s forefront producer is production master Dr Duda, who is better known to many as Mzansi’s doctor of house music – having compiled the acclaimed House Prescription series. The Mpumalanga born and bred DJ/Producer is a long standing member of South Africa’s club scene having played alongside the likes of DJ Fresh, DJ Mandla and DJ Mbuso of Phezulu Records. Duda’s hit tracks include ‘Anthem’ complied on DJ Fresh’s “Definition of House volume 2” and the SAMA nominated “Change The World” featuring RJ Benjamin.

Mi Casa’s lead guitarist and vocal sensation is non-other than J’Something. Reigning in from Port Alfred, South Africa – João (real name) is a sensational vocalist who began reading music and pulling his first few strings on the guitar at the tender age of eleven. His influenced by soul and acoustic sound and his vocal ability has established him in a league of his own – his works include ‘Fly Away With Me’ a song he put together with Mi Casa band member Dr Duda.

Pictured above is Mi Casa’s trumpet extraordinaire Mo-T, an individual raised by a musically rooted family. He was taught how to play the trumpet at a young age and has chosen to live life through his music. Mo-T oozes with musical bliss having played for some of the most esteemed bands in SA music including the Alexander brass band and Mango Groove. He also has played alongside the late legendary Nana Koyote and Steve Kekana also featured in one of the biggest jukebox musicals ever to grace theaters the “Buddy Holly”.

Mi Casa was born when the three muso’s “free styled” an unrehearsed piece together and blew the crowd away. Soul Candi C.E.O Harael Salkow views, “Mi Casa is one of the most exciting new live acts I’ve seen in all my time in this industry, their talent, personalities, hard work and determination are a perfect recipe for success”. Houseonmag caught an impressive live performance of Mi Casa during the Layabouts South African Tour presented by Hennessy Remixed by Soul Candi, and its safe to say that this soulful house collective is going to be top of the charts in no time. As Soul Candi Records latest signing Mi Casa are currently working on their first studio album due to be released this winter, we ready and excited for this release as it will surely blow Mzansi house music appreciators away.

  • @mo-t I would like you to teach me how blow that trumpet,,

  • Njap’s

    I caught these Esteemed gentleman on two legs of the tour…Durban & Johannesburg. They are 3 of the nicest people you’ll ever meet…J-something blew my lady away when he belted out a number holding her hand- for that I havnt heard the end of it…wil b 1 of the 1st to get your album…two copies 1 for her, and 1 for me

  • Lwandle Cebekhulu

    I’m one of the Lucky people who got to
    see Micasa perform live during the Hennessy Remixed
    Tour and I must say I was blown away.

    Still have some of thier songs playing in my head
    And I must say I can’t wait for Micasa to release
    an album 🙂 or to see them perform again.
    Wish the group nothing but success

    Love from their NUMBER 1 fan 🙂

  • Tshepang Mofokeng

    I’m looking foward to seing mi casa perform I hear they good, wish all the best.

  • Good luck on your journey guys! Godspeed!

  • King Zeph Nkosi

    King Zeph Nkosi, I am the number 1 supporter of this group of Multi-Talented geniuses and have seen their perfomance it says it all . Big Up Guys will forever support u!!!!

  • My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

  • Tokyo

    Guys I am going crazy with your music….but 1 challenge..music stores don’t have your CD…I get there i ask for Mi casa…no one knows mi casa…what is the name of the CD album?

  • Sunshine85

    I had the pleasure of witnessing Micasa’s live act yesterday at Innesfree Park, wow wow – I was totally blown away. i’ll definitely be on the look out for their album!!!

  • Vivian

    Hi Tokyo! The album will only be instores on the 20th of July so you can look out for that!

  • shebza

    its soulful 2 c these guys performing !!! they keep u on ur feet!

  • I must say Micasa has some nice tunes…

  • s’du

    jus kip dem cmng bafethu

  • Lesego

    Micasa ur rockin guys wow ur songs are on point, These streets, Heavenly Sent and Lavida. u brought sumthn new and Mo-T please teach me how to blow that trumpet. Jsomething u rocking me with ur dance moves keep it up

  • Lesego

    Micasa whats the name of ur guy who’s playin piano, on the La vida song damnnnn he’s on fire

  • Lesego

    When u guys coming to Pretoria or Ga-Rankuwa? Ur number 1 female fan

  • edgar

    were can i get a hold of ur album on the web guys i cnt stop thinking abt your songs help a brother out

  • andile

    hey gys totally like your music, and the reson being is that it different from other house music.cool well organised, the flow amd everything is perfecto..thank you

  • lesego

    Are u guys on twitter? Rock mi world

  • Tshepang Mofokeng

    U guys are de best. Loving it

  • Tshepang Mofokeng

    I finally saw mi casa perform live today @ cafe cultrure, impressed I dnt hav words… WOW

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  • Michelle

    I bought the Micasa CD today… OMGosh… You guys are “Heavenly Sent”
    I love everything about your combination.. WOWZA!!! ALL THAT IS MISSING IS FOR ME TO SEE YOU GUYS LIVE>>>

  • Ziq

    Absolutly my best album of the YEAR

  • Nobantu

    Wow am impressed I love your music it relaxes me. Hopefully I get to see you guys sooner rather than later

  • Mary

    I attended the Hennessy All Access Premier party last night and I danced till my feet hurt … Micasa was on point and boy can that white boy dance

  • KelsiJ

    micasa! <3 BEEEG LOVE! i would love to see you guys perform! cape town please!

  • Nathi

    @Jsomething when ever i hear Heavenly saint i go crazy, would you guyz plz whoock me up with 1 ticket to you city tour.

  • Donna


    I am a big fan of Mi Casa! love them! Just want to know where i can find out where they will be playing in Cape Town? Would love to go and see them!

  • i love your music guys keep it up with your good work am really impressed

  • Bonani ‘YAYA GO DEEP’ Lande

    Mi Casa is so damn hot! I like their music and style they’re so different and they have such an brilliant talent and i wish them all the success in this industry,if you want their music on your phone you can link on vodacomlive.com and go to music and search for Mi Casa and you’ll find their full album there and load as many as you want!

  • Nobantu

    Well I’ve seen you perform at two tone in daveyton let’s just say I fell in love even more with your music and knew I had to have your cd so the next day I got myself a copy I don’t regret it one bit thank you for the lovely cd I listen to it everyday my sis says am obsessed but I’d like to think its just that I enjoy good music. Keep up the great work

  • DTU

    This guys are the biombs they commit house suicide. Beautiful makes me wanna cry you guys rock and i know that you’ll make it big time.

  • Tshepiso Malope

    OMG wat toke u guyz soooo long we need ppl lyk u 2 represent SA muzik scene I’m gettin married soon & heavenly sent is my favourite I always sing it 2 my fiance all do I’m not as gud as J-something bt maybe on our special day he wuld sing it @ our wedding & God bless u guyz ur doin a g8t job keep us dancin wit u soulful muzik. Biggest Fan

  • Pabi

    OHHHHH MYYY GEEEZY,LOL… you guys ROCK my world period!!!!! The first time i heard your songs, i was truly perturbed… thought yol were like an American group or somethang! Loving your unique sound and im glad that yol are bringing something new to the music ‘table’… i am a proud groupie of Micasa :)….

  • kp

    You guys are awesome. Bigup to you, now i know awards do not really measure the bands success, if they were you guys would have bagged a few from the Metros….keep up your awesomeness

  • U guys rock!! well done & wish u all da best in ths industry…saw u guy performing in Dbn
    U were superb. Just want 2 say …”J-something MARRY ME”

  • djaykeol’z

    daz a gud crew

  • gabeley

    love their music, cant get enough, you guys are doing a ‘fantabulous’ job, keep it up !! (”,)

  • welcome sithole

    whats the song that micasa sigs i think its in portuguese whats the title of the song please text me the song 074 030 4859

  • Manny

    One word…”Inspirational”.

  • Shanice

    WoW u gys knw wat house music is abt absolutli luvin da lyrics…Keep up makin SA proud…

  • zuky.p

    mi casa…whr hv u been ,u rok ma hrt…keep it up…we want mo fire !

  • These guys are killing the scene right now, I had to feature them on Deeper Obsession Number 11 Mixed by DJ Leo Gee Gee | STRICTLY GROOVAS, CANADA *


    Subs feat Methelda – Rhythm of My House (Deeperholic Soul Mix)
    Da Capo – The Deep Route ( Original Mix feat Malcolm X Last Speech Edit)
    Cuebur – Oxtail Soup ( Original Mix )
    GMBOS feat C. Pillay – Wind of The Sea ( Main Mix)
    Mr Fox feat Possessed Soul – Where Is It ( Deeperholic’s StraightDeep Mix)
    Jovonn – Deep End Theme ( Dave Harness Remix )
    Jovonn – First Night To Love ( Muthafunkaz Remix)
    Mi Casa – Heavenly Sent ( Charles Webster Demo Mix)
    Cuebur feat Nathan X – Walk A Mile ( Cuebur Remix)


    Ok 🙂 sooo João , Duda and I actually -CHILLED- together 🙂 @ Rhythym Divine in EL :)… & & Guess what… 🙂 João -KISSED- me on the cheek, 🙂 and he hugged me, and whispered in my ear that it was really nice meeting me 🙂 Whoop whoop 🙂 sooo i had an epic night with them.
    x x X

  • Butha

    Love your music guys, I love the originality and your humility. All the best.

  • Rev Natty

    ..you guys are a true definition of HOUSE MUSIC, you’re : logical, practical,relevant and charismatic. I wouldn’t mind to invite you in my church to bless us.

  • Taryn

    I knew it was Joao! I saw him audition for Matie Idols.. Gona go far =]

  • Carly Cat

    Mi Casa, thanks for gracing Kimberley in the Northern Cape with your awesome talent and presence. I was not able to attend your last show, but looking forward to 6 April 2012… Great flying with you guys from Kimberley to O.R Tambo. South Africa’s music industry truly blessed with a talented group like you. Thanks! Love. carly-cat

  • leloh

    U guyz rock I love u j-something

  • Busie Lola

    Recommended it to my lil sista who stays in England & she loves Micasa ,micasa is on top on their game keep it up ….luv u guys 🙂

  • Kay Constance

    wow… i cant xplain to you how much the album helps me thru my days… when im feeling horible i just put it on repeat and before i know it im on my feet jamming!!! eve while im posting this comment im jamming to your sweet sounds… love love love love you guys!!!!

  • Jada

    I Am Totally INLOVE With Mi Casa OMW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mad Hot Lead Singer What Clubs Will You Guys Be Performing in The Next Couple Of months? I Just Need To See You Guys Live! xxxx

  • B from USA

    Hey guyz, I enjoyed your performance in Summerstrand yesterday, during my visit in SA, u rock!!!
    João, will be glad to have a chat with u b4 I leave the country ?

  • Tshepang Mofokeng

    Wish you all the best take all those SAMA Awards, you deserve them!

  • Jay-Jay

    whenever a mi casa track plays in public, my friends and i look at each other with HUGE smirks on our faces because ten to one the song that’s playing is linked to an awesome memory made.. “La Vida” is on repeat at the moment.. cannot wait to hear it live!!! :DDD .. you guys are legend.. mMmMwahhhHHH! <3**

  • Tshepang Mofokeng

    MTN SAMAs MI CASA won proud of you guys. Yeahhhhhh!!!

  • where can i get your lyric of the song LA VIDA or can i please get the meaning

  • sergio

    Good stuff guys keep up the house music

  • nikita hall

    hy thre so lyk im frm swaziland..
    bushfires cumin up soon our ultimate event…
    Heard micasa wil b performing im lyk super excited,its abwt tym thy hit ths place 😛
    Cnt w8 mahn..


    OMG! Babe babe!!! i luv u guyz so very much,mke sure i pay attention wen i hear ur muzik,nw my pockets r empty payng attention…j’sumthng babe babe u rock my world

  • bucy hlatshwayo

    Ohhhh I’m so crazy abt u guys….. Joao ure de man baby !!

  • Jani J

    Loving the sweet sounds you guys are putting out there.Already I’m startn to identify your unique sound.Its got that salsa,island,latino beat,bt yet just a bit of that local jazz rhythm that makes it so foot taaping hip swaying good.I jus wana dance when I hear your songs!Keep it up!

  • Pash


    Hey Micasa rocks my world, but I still feel they should have sang Lavida at the UGU Jazz. I scream for them to sing it unfortunately you couldn’t hear me. Next time plz sing Lavida!

  • Dee

    La vida loca bby

  • NINO

    You Guys Rock, i wish all the best in the years to come, GOD Speed

  • Hi,my name is Nicole.Jst wanna say I love u Mi casa!.

  • Gwen here! guys you r very talented. please keep it up and may God bless you. what if i have a demo i want to give to you to fix and use for yourselves. who do i speak to?

  • Betty

    Mi casa u rock big tym I wish I had ur perfomance tym table so that I can attend


  • Catherine

    You guys are amazing and I love your songs

  • Charne Greeve

    love, love, absolutely LOVE Mi Casa!! you guys are super talented and a South African House sensation that we ALL love.
    Keep doing what you do best and CONGRATS on being invited to perform for the US President 🙂
    God bless

  • Kevin Lazarus

    From SA originally -visited over Xmas and bought your album .Great stuff. Can you come over and convert these Aussies – would love to see you guys here. When the next album out.

  • Concha Cenizo

    hello 🙂 does anyone know when Mi Casa will next be performing in Gauteng?

  • Tony Groenewald

    I need to book Mi Casa for an end of year function at the SCC, December 6.
    Could you please send me booking details.
    Tony 0828827256
    Christine 072 252 6819

    Thank you

  • Michael Alcock

    I would like to book Mi Casa for a private function in February 2014, please can you email me the booking details to:

    Kind Regards,
    Michael Alcock

    • Keanan Kyle Engel

      Where you able to book Mi Casa? I would also like to book them for an event