South African House Music scene according to Ralf GUM


International perception of the SA’s House music scene:

“I think the international perception is that of an ‘unfinished picture’ of what the music is and actually played here. They really think it’s mainly Blackcoffe’s sound plus some Afro-Deep/Minimal sound.

I think however what is actually going on is just a soulful understanding and underpinning of House music sound that is played. I find that it is also a mixture of international and local influences and these cross-influence each other.

Some internationals now sound pretty South African and vice versa, South Africans sounding international. I think it’s good to have that – after all House music is a universal feeling.

To add on that, it’s important to also look at it in the context of the gigs that take place in the country. Because if you only listen to [let’s say] the Afro-Deep sound wherever you obtain the music, you get a wrong picture because you might think it’s the only sound that is being played. In reality, it’s a mixture of all different sounds”.

The characteristics of gigs in SA’s metropolis – JHB, Cape Town & Durban

“At a broader scale I’d say yes, there are differences gig wise and musically especially in a way way audiences consume House Music in different areas of the country.

In Durban it’s a drum driven type of sound although there are smaller pockets of people who are into Deep House and neither influenced by drums nor Durban Kwaito for that matter.

In the Pretoria JHB areas there are more places enjoying a soulful sound in comparison to Durban.

Cape Town on the other hand is a lot European for me as well as the sound they play. If you however go to the Townships in Cape Town you find places which are not at all different from when you play in Pretoria/JHB or wherever in the country.

Actually those are not only the 3 places in SA for bigger gigs.

There are towns like Mafikeng too. Their 60’ themed party and now the ‘Legends of House’ party happening in December and also the ‘Spring themed’ parties happening now in September are quite big.

Last year [2012] was one of the biggest crowds I’ve ever played for at their ‘spring party’, so it’s not limited to the three areas anymore.”

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