Sounds of A Superstar

Houseonmag recently caught up with the SAMA nominated urban house DJ and producer Giggs Superstar. We got insight on his forthcoming album, we chat to Giggs the style icon about his distingished dress sense and what it means to be an “Adidas Original” ambassador.


With a resume as long as your Adidas sneaker lace, this humble superstar deejay needs no introduction. But for those who don’t know, he’s played alongside the grammy award-winning producer & DJ – Louie Vega. He mixed one of the three Electro Candi CD’s – a compilation met with massive critical acclaim, earning a Metro FM award nomination for the Best Dance Compilation in that respective year. In 2008 the superstar deejay was part of another Soul Candi platinum seller, this time a four disk offering namely ‘Soul Candi Session 4’ featuring mixes by Euphonik (5FM), 2lani Da Warrior (Do It Now Recordings) and SC’s then “new kid on the block” DJ Franky. May 2009 saw Giggs Superstar released his longawaited, popularly demanded and highly anticipated solo project which was dubbed ‘Sounds of A Superstar – vol 1’. His 2010 offering forms part of the Deep House Chronicles series – which also includes epic chapters by urban house practioners Lulo Cafe, Malankane, Miggs and Phat Jack.

With four esteemed compilations under his belt and another epic offering on the horizon, we ask  Giggs what goes into making a hot compilation?

“Good music, good music, good music”, the superstar deejay chants. He assures us that he’s forthcoming compliation will be a continuation of the quality vocal house music with melodic drum progressions and expressive chords and keys that we have come to know him for. And if his chapter on the Deep House Chronicles series is any measure to go by, we can’t expect anything less. One can also expect to hear a lot more original songs produced by Giggs himself and loads more tracks from up and coming South African house music producers like Staxx and Tonik who came guns blazing on his previous compilation.

This prompts our next question, The state of SA House music against offerings from rest of the world?

Giggs takes a second before he reponds by saying, “The quality and diversity of South African house music has been improving considerably over the last few years and the sound and eminence can now confidently compete on the internationally scene. In the last two years more local productions have been the club bangers during the festive seasons, as compared to several years back when international producers like Quentin Harris and Dennis Ferrer were on high rotation at house music parties, on radio and at major festivals.”


The Superstar looks set to command and conquer and leave an indelible imprint on the South African dance music industry, his plans include establishing his own dance music label in the near but distant future. A massive assignment, but with Giggs’ firm foundation and lengthy expirence at hand, we can already prompt audiences to prepare themselves for explosive sounds from the GSS stable.

It’s quiet obvious that style runs in the family, Giggs Superstar and his cute-as-ever 9 month baby boy, Taylor are now both official brand ambassadors for the ‘Adidas Originals Collection’. Giggs personal style has been described as uniquely cool and causal yet minimalistic (yes in Giggs case, less is more). An influencer in his own right – Giggs has a distinguished dress sense – as pictured above the superstar deejay impressively rocks a tight Adidas sneakers with a fresh pair of jeans from the ‘Originals Denim Collection’ and a cool white T topped-up with a skinny tie. A pefect fitting for when the superstar is out in the clubs – on the box, rocking those urban beats. Giggs views, “it means a whole lot being an Adidas Originals ambassador, Adidas is an international brand. Working with them has been a pleasure thus far.” Check out baby Taylor and Giggs rocking Adidas Original Gear…
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