Audiowhores: House Is A Feeling

“House Is A Feeling” and there’s not a single doubt in our minds that Adam Unswoth and Graham Lord (well recognized as the ‘Audiowhores’), are well accomplished to take us through the truest reflection of the versatility and diverse ethnicity this sublime music cultivates all over the world.

Unpacking their journey through musical bliss (from pitiless gigs with – near misses like a 6 foot speaker virtually crushing them inside a DJ box, to headlining a South East Asian tour). Graham (one half of the Manchester based duo) treats Houseonmag to a moment in the musical lives of the Audiowhores and gives us the 411 on their first studio compilation  “House Is A Feeling”.

Houseonmag: What’s up Audiowhores, how’s your day been thus far?

Audiowhores: Going good man, the weather is a little warmer here in England. We’ve had some really freezing weather up here – it’s about 5 degrees now, so it’s a little bit warmer.

Houseonmag: Whoa, warmer? Where about in the UK are the Audiowhores from?

Audiowhores: Manchester, well Adam is from Manchester. I’m from a town called Barry, which is close to Manchester – it’s in the North of England.

Houseonmag: Right let’s get right into this, who are the Audiowhores?

Audiowhores: The Audiowhores are made up by me Graham and my good friend Adam; we met 10 years ago at a club in Tumbledown. Adam was a resident deejay there and I was just an ordinary bloke who kept turning up every Saturday to have a good time.. 

Turns out Adam wanted to start music production and I had been doing music since I was 14. He and I met and two days later, Adam drops me a line and says, “Graham I’m coming over to your house, let’s make some music”.

Houseonmag: 14?

Audiowhores – Graham: Yeah, I was 14 when I started playing music. I was in the brass band at school – so I’ve always been around music. I’ve also been in various bands, playing bass guitar and rhythm guitar.

Houseonmag: What other instruments do you currently play?

Audiowhores: I can play basic keys and guitar, I am also a very percussive guy but I don’t play any drums or percussions, I just like programming drums on the system. 

Houseonmag: Take us through your first encounter with house music.

Audiowhores: I first encountered house when I first met Adam out in Tumbledown. My first encounter was in 1999, although I got more into in it 2000. Back then I was heavily into trance music, though I am still a big fan of Prodigy and Chemical Brothers. 

Houseonmag: What emotions does house music evoke in you?

Audiowhores: House is a feeling, it is a spiritual thing, it is an emotional thing and the music is uplifting – it evokes different kinds of feelings in me – at the same time – it’s hard to single out one specific emotion. With house music it’s about the soul, the music really brings people together; it’s amazing to experience these feelings, really nice.

Houseonmag: When did you start Deejaying?

Audiowhores: I come from a production background and Adam comes from a DJ’ing background. When we first started Audiowhores 10 years ago, I was mainly in studio producing and when we were getting the odd gig in and around Manchester, it would be Adam doing the DJ’ing.

I would go along to the gigs, but I would be one of the guys on the dancefloor. This happened for the first two or three years of Audiowhores, and over time I got more and more into DJ’ing.

Now, I absolutely love DJ’ing, we both behind the decks and have a really good partnership. Adams still plays a lot of the music but we have a third CDJ or sometimes make use of four decks during a set, and we have split heads phones so we can both queue up music.

I tend to throw in the acappellas and do a lot of the effects, our DJ’ing sets are really full of energy and really energetic, there is a lot going on and it works really well. 

Houseonmag: Give us a breakdown of your first studio compilation – “House Is A Feeling”. 

Audiowhores: It’s the first studio compilation that we’ve put together as the Audiowhores. We’ve setup a new label called Audiowhores Music – which is distributed through international power house Defected Records. “House Is A Feeling” is a digital compilation spread over two carefully considered and selected mixes – ‘Early Doors’ and ‘Late Night Floors’.

Basically, we got access to all Defected’s in-house labels, like Strictly Rhythm and Code Red Recordings. The labels allowed us access to their entire music catalogue from the mid nineties to their latest releases. We had loads of tracks we wanted to use in the compilation, but many of the tracks were not available, so it was quite a task licensing the tracks we wanted, simply because all of them had to be available for the worldwide distribution. It’s quite a task involved, it took us I would say about a good six months to do this compilation because we wanted to represent what the Audiowhores truly are about.

The first CD ‘Early Doors’ is more soulful, it has a jazzy roots, a lot of soulfuric influences – it’s the more ambient and easy listening CD. The second CD ‘Late Night Floors’ is bit more about of what we are about these days. It’s techie, more progressive and has afro-tribe sediments. We got a lot of those afro kinds of roots in there, we have done some edits and some exclusive remixes as well – we really put time into it and we are pleased with the results as well.

Houseonmag: We got the chance to listen to the Compilation and it genuinely sounds great.

Audiowhores: I’m glad it rubbed off on you well it goes to show that we put all our energy and all our time into this, hope it will be a good release for us.  

Houseonmag: Why has it taken so long to release your first compilation?

Audiowhores: It’s a strange one… I really don’t know why it took us so long. I think a few years ago we were close to doing a compilation, this was a hard cover CD compilation, we were mixing one CD out of two, the other CD some guy from the states, but I forgot his name now. It’s quite crazy to think this is our first compilation, so hopefully it will be the first of many to come maybe this year we will do another digital compilation if this one goes well.

Houseonmag: On this compilation which featured artist did you enjoy working with?

Audiowhores: Everyone! We have great times with all the vocalists we work with. Although we worked with a lot of the people through internet collaborations, so you would be surprised that a lot of the people we have never personally met, say for instance… We did a track with Blue on Soulfuric she is from Miami we never met her and Anne Saunderson we did a track with her too, but we never met her either.

Houseonmag: Were all features done through internet collaborations, or did you get to meet any of the artists?

Audiowhores: Yeah, we met most of them we worked together in the studio as well. There is a vocalist in London called Radica we’ve worked with in the studio. We also worked with Haze and DJ’ed with Haze. We’ve met the legendary Barbra Tucker on numerous occasions, we done a remix with Barbra Tucker.

Houseonmag: Please tell about the first single on the compilation; ‘Connected’ featuring Anne Saunderson.

Audiowhores: ‘Connected’ was initially an instrumental that we sent to Simon Dunmore at Defected. He absolutely loved the track just as an instrumental. He signed it as an instrumental but then had an idea and sent it to a few vocalists. Anne absolutely loved the track so she did an initial vocal demo at home. We also made a few changes to the song and it was sent to a professional studio in Philadelphia were she recorded the final vocal mix. We later did a remix of that original and added a dub version, it’s doing really well for us it has received a great reaction and support.

Houseonmag: From all the tracks Audiowhores have produced, which is your favourite?

Audiowhores: It’s hard to say, Adam has his favourites and I have my favourites. But I think as an overall track my personal favourite track is the one we did with Haze called ‘Stay’, still think the vocal on that is absolutely amazing.

Houseonmag: The vocals for ‘Stay’ are amazing. Was the lyrical content left completely up to the Haze or were there additional notes the Audiowhores added?

Audiowhores: 80% of the time we leave it up to the vocalist, especially if it’s internet collaboration. They tend to write the vocal and send it back to us; we then add our 20% only then – as to what to change. It also depends on the studio set-up, what’s involved and who we working with. But with ‘Stay’ it was purely Haze, he just wrote that on one go – we didn’t change a thing we just absolutely loved it right away!

Houseonmag: What inspires your productions?

Audiowhores: It’s hard to say really because our influences come in subconsciously a lot of the time. It could be from being submerged in all kinds of music, like to going to different kinds of club environments and different events and gigs. It’s hard to say, like I said before I’m from a trance music club background and Adam comes from more jazzy, soulful house background. We like to mix things up, we not really renowned for being down a particular form of house, or down a particular type of sound, we not soulful house producers, we not progressive producers either, we like to do a bit of everything.

Houseonmag: What do the Audiowhores have planned for 2011?

Audiowhores: We just done a remix for an Austrian label called Music, for a track is called ‘Shame’ featuring Natasha Jordan – that’s being supported by Defected at the moment. I think that’s coming out in late February. We doing another track with Anne Saunderson at the moment, we have a few other vocal projects on the go. We got a busy start to the year in terms of deejaying, we in Austria in a couple of weeks and a few of other places; it’s a pretty good start. We’ll see how it all pans out.

Houseonmag: Which city do you enjoy playing the most?

Audiowhores: For us it’s always South East Asia really, South East Asia and Eastern Europe are two of our favourites mainly because house music for them is fresh as I’m guessing with South Africa. Just to see the people’s reactions, they just really energetic people they responsive to the music and at the same time they know and understand the music. So far we’ve had great parties in Singapore.

Houseonmag: You lads ever had any pitiless gigs?

Audiowhores: Yeah, not every gig is amazing and packed to capacity, we’ve had gigs where we would turn up and there are only 10 or 20 people there. Things do go wrong like a DJ starts by playing the wrong tune, these things happen. 

We had one particular gig I think it was in Bristles in the UK a couple of years ago, the crowd wasn’t really into house music in that place, we were thinking my God why were we booked here?  Secondly, the CDJ’s where plugged in on the opposite channels, things where coming out the wrong channels, next thing I turned around to flick through the CD wallet and this absolutely massive monitor, a 6 foot tall monitor just fell on me, almost knocked me out luckily it just landed on my shoulder, it felt like someone had punched me full blown. It was serious, so stuff goes on like that at the same time we have also had our share of great gigs, last year in particular we had some great gigs.

Houseonmag: Any plans to make an appearance in SA?

Audiowhores: Yeah it’s funny you ask, we’ve taken note of the South African scene and noticed friends of ours heading down there, I don’t know if you fond of Development they recently had an SA tour. Groove assassin he’s coming to SA soon, would be absolutely amazing to come play there. We are getting more and more people from South Africa adding us on Facebook and Twitter. It’s nice to see that the scene is developing the way it is down there, we’ve also heard that house music down there is on morning radio, you don’t get that here.

Houseonmag: Any South African DJ’s you know of?

Audiowhores: Yes, Black Coffee we’ve heard and like his music and seen his videos really good productions.

Houseonmag: Audiowhores did some charity work for The International Foundation for Mother and Child Health, tell us about that?

Audiowhores – Graham: My girlfriend is a midwife so she is constantly working with kids all the time, she works closely with the charity at the hospital she works at. We celebrated the Audiowhores tenth birthday by throwing a party last September and managed to raise £1000 for the International Foundation for Mother and Child Health.

Check out the Audiowhores new album ‘House Is A Feeling’ out now on

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