Houseon Magazine is one of South Africa’s premier online destinations for progressive electronic music culture.

We specialize in numerous Deep and Soul-influenced genres such as Neo-Soul, House Music (and all its derivatives i.e. Deep House, Soulful House, Lounge, Ambient House, Disco House etc), Broken Beat, Funk and Electronic Soul.

We are known for our in-depth interviews and thought provoking reviews. We have now also branched out into the world of event production, promotions, and sponsorships.

If you’d like us to assist your brand along these parameters; below are some of the ways we can partner:


This is where Houseon Magazine leaps away from your computer to colourful life. We hold artists that are constantly pushing the boundaries of creating a music experience that lingers on long after the performance if finished.

In our past events we were privileged to have worked with artists in the calibre of Ralf GUM, DJ Christos (South Africa), ATJAZZ, Vick Lavender, Retro Zoo-lu, TrancemicSoul just to mention a few.

All booking fees are negotiable based on the audience draw potential of the artist in South Africa.

We are always on a constant look out for DJ’s and Live acts with enough vigour to extend our reach while either maintaining or accentuating the quality and authenticity that Houseon Magazine stands for.


Houseon Magazine is an affiliate partner with Red Bull Content Pool (for content on international & local pertaining to Culture, Dance, House/Dance Music and Competitions) and Juno Records (for music downloads and DJ equipment and production software).

We also work with a myriad of records labels (South African and International) who give us thumbs up and soon we’ll be launching online Radio Station – details are to follow soon.


Houseon Magazine along with our event partners strive to provide unparallel service to assist your brand to establish your perfect image.

We have access to different venues in the South African region where we can host your record releases, listening sessions, product launches, cocktail and gala evenings.

We have produced events in conjunction with Vick Lavender, ATJAZZ, Ralf GUM and many others (please contact us for references).


Houseon Magazine loves to give back to its readers; so we are always providing top-notch contests such as ticket, product and CD giveaways. This service is of no extra cost to you but we do look for contests that are progressive and parallel to our audience alternative music and lifestyle taste.


Houseon Magazine is here to help your events grow! By simply placing our logo on your event flyer we will help promote your event by placing it on our website and email communication.


We have affordable rates for you to get your advertising message to our readers either through an email campaign or website display/banner adverts.

All our rates which include exposure in all our communication channels including (but not limited to): email, social media to text messaging campaigns are negotiable.

So, what are you waiting for – GO FOR IT — give us a shout!