The Soweto Groove - Re-evented Media

Re-evented Media is a marketing and event management company with an intention to lead the marketplace by providing memorable events for clients and the communities in Soweto as a whole. Their business vision  incorporates stage acts, live music and marketing both their own brand of events and client alike.

We spoke to them about their forthcoming event  ‘The Soweto Groove’ set to take place at the Zone 6 Venue, on the 4th October 2014.

Can you please give us a brief background on Re-evented Media?

Re-evented Media is an exciting and vibrant event company born out of Soweto itself. Our roots and views on events are unique as we believe in bringing out the edge in everything we do.

We focus on creating a platform for South African artists to portray what they do best, to a crowd of choice and at the best venues in town. We believe in bringing a change to entertainment as more and more event companies keep coming up, one needs to stay sharp and ahead of the trend.

The name in itself is different. It’s about the image, style and creating memories and with this in mind we believe the dream can be achieved.

We still have a long way to go and new things to learn and with the support of our fans, media partners like House On Magazine and others, we will grow to be a recognised brand born to bring change.

It’s all about fun and as young entrepreneurs we need to give back to the youth and that’s what Re-evented believes in and stands for.

Who are the founders, when was it established and what is its purpose?

Re-evented Media was founded in 2014 after seeing the need for more distinctive events that will give back Soweto’s identity. We did our research and sadly enough the word “event” is not taken seriously anymore as there are just too many parties doing the same thing.

The era for street bashes faded out, however because of smarter venues; it’s still the same concept. Our aim is to bring the world to Soweto because Soweto is bigger than the world.

What is The Soweto Groove Event Concept about?

The Soweto Groove concept is about “The Area”, it’s seems that a lot of great events exist outside of Soweto and we want to bring it’s Groove. The name itself carries style, image and culture and the event is designed to show these aspects of Soweto to the world.

What can patrons expect from the event scheduled for the 4th October 2014?

The event will be nothing less than an absolute turn-up. We went for Soweto’s finest entertainers, put them in one place and set the temperature to “too hot!”

All those that attend will not be disappointed as we cater for the party lovers at large.  The ticket pricing gives one access to a world of 1st class entertainment for a lot less than what one would expect to pay for such a line-up.

In a few short words “This is a party not to be missed”.

Let’s talk a bit about the line up, you have billed in the likes of Black Coffee, Kent & Black Motion amongst others, why these DJ’s?

Our approach to the line-up was more of a “who offers what?” Black Coffee has given so much to South African Music that it was only a must to have such an icon grace our fans at the launch of such a unique event.

Black Motion carries the stride of rhythmic sounds and their performance is by far unsurpassed by any House duo currently.

DJ Kent is believed to be the shyest DJ but he speaks with his music and we wanted people to hear him speak on such a day.

We have Mo-Flava from Club 808 and a very successful YFM Dj who sets any dance floor on fire. Not forgetting Thabi Thabs, a female DJ making headlines across the country at the moment. We also have Soweto’s own Nkanyezi who is sure to bring you to your knees without a doubt.

You have chosen Zone 6 Venue, what can you tell us about the venue?

The Venue is the best to spring out of Soweto currently. The feel and image complement what it is we are aiming for in an event. I mean with features like a swimming pool, Jacuzzi and 7 bars with a separate upstairs VIP area, it’s a monster of a place. The owner and staff are very friendly and we appreciate the service.

Can patrons expect more events from Re-evented in the near future?

Definitely! We are about creating memorable moments and that’s what we plan to do. The Soweto Groove itself is an annual event, but not revealing too much, we can just say “This is the beginning”…

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