Jack Daniels Music Scouts – DJ Vinny Da Vinci

Vinny Da Vinci  - Jack Daniel Music Scout

So, you have been hard at work putting out House mixes more than you have cigarette buds. You’ve clocked more hours at your local music store; you are now on a first name basis with the assistants.

And evidence of this is all over your bachelor pad’s floor; littered with all the latest House compilation CD’s in an attempt to piece together a set for your residency at your local club and music magazine’s to catch up on latest news about the local House scene.

Over the weekends, apart from the little recognition you get from the locals you end up settling for a wicked hangover from the Jack Daniels’ shots the club owner pays you with after your set.

Each morning you get up and cringe on the idea that your dream of playing at the next SAMC’s ‘Mother of all Parties’ is slowly slipping through your fingers.

Well buddy don’t fret, DJ Vinny Da Vinci  is looking for you!

He’s on a mission countrywide to search for the next musician, vocalist, DJ or anyone for that matter with musical flair. Whether you are a signed or unsigned musician it really doesn’t matter.


Visit the JACK DANIEL’S MUSIC SCOUTS website either from your PC or mobile. You will be asked to fill in your details and upload your track or song. It’s as simple as that!


The scouts will listen to your track and the community will vote for the tracks that they like. A short list of 12 artists will be drawn up. These artists will be invited to perform their song/track in front of an audience.

You’ll need to follow the progress on FACEBOOK (Jack danielsSA) or the hashtag #Jackscouts  to get all the information about the venues and when the performances will be held.


The winning artist, as selected by the Jack Daniel’s Music Scouts will:

1. Get exposure through the Jack Daniel’s Music Scouts campaign

2. Win a trip to the US to discover the history of Hip Hop and House Music.