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How cool is this 24 Meter structure of the Spring Fiesta Butterfly Mascot? The Soul Candi Live crew erected it to offer an exciting visual element to the Main Stage, and boy, oh boy projection mapping is the business…

On the 1st of October 2016 South Africa’s House Music annual holiday came around for its 6th edition, hosted by Soul Candi Live, Metro FM & SABC 1 in the City of Ekurhuleni, at the Wild Waters Complex. The Spring Fiesta has become synonymous for producing the freshest music experiences this side of the hemisphere mixing local and international talents to perform live at the event across various stages catering for diverse musical tastes.

Soul Candi Live held a press conference at the Emperor’s Palace Convention Centre to offer insight on the music festival. Festival Director Ricardo Da Costa, shared perspective on the growth of the Spring Fiesta since its inception as a ‘passion project’ adding that the festival now generates in the regions of R20 million in economic activity in Ekurhuleni.¬† Da Costa added that, every year the team would push the envelope in their delivery of the festival, and if this years offering is anything to go by – I can’t wait to see what next year will bring. Facilitated by 5FM’s DJ Warras the Spring Fiesta press conference featured two panels, including event sponsors and performing artists.

One has to applaud the event keepers for a seamless operation on the day, the visibility and presence of the policing forum, bouncers for crowd control and the health faculty was definitely reassuring, although one has to add that the crowd in attendance was equally well behaved and it wasn’t as tedious navigating between the 6 stages.

International guest headliner Atjazz treated patrons to a blend of works from his extensive 20 year music catalogue alongside bassist and long time friend Magic Number. It seems that the Spring Fiesta is a good omen on the South African sports fraternity as its the second year in a row the Springboks play and win on the day of the festival.

The Evolution of DJ Kent was live on the main stage and Mi Casa presented an extended live musical offering blending in palatable South African classics to their mix.

…then it was #CaptainOClock at #SpringFiesta2016…

Lulo Cafes’ #WhatAboutSoul stage was pulsating with deep and soulful vibes as delivered by deep house mainstays’ Vinny Da Vinci, DJ Christos, Ralf GUM and international guests Lars Behrenroth, Rocco, N’dinga Gaba and Atjazz who closed off the night in emphatic deepness together with friends Jullian Gomes, Sio Blackwidow and Magic Number.

…Atjazz Playing Corba XL at Spring Fiesta 2016…

Collaborators Note: After experiencing Spring Fiesta 2016 we can safely say, “entlek di yawa da!”. View the Spring Fiesta 2016 Scenes photo album and share your moments at #SpringFiesta2016 with us @Houseonmag to be featured in the Spring Fiesta 2016 Scenes live gallery.

  • Jack Motlanthe

    After waiting for months, I finally found myself at the Spring Fiesta 2016. Thanks to interviewing a few of the performing artists and the assistance from the awesome Sheree O’brien, I had VVIP access. I must admit my excitement couldn’t be controlled,I barely got a moment’s sleep on Friday night. With the prospect of being at such an event from a unique perspective on my mind,could you blame me?

    The day that thousands,including myself,had been so eagerly waiting for had arrived! The 1st October couldn’t have come sooner. Upon arrival we were met by hundreds of Jozi’s party animals making their way into the venue. With a day filled with some of the best the music industry has to offer ahead of us,we made our to the parking and walked into Wild Waters. We were given our tags and set loose to devour the buffet that is music.

    The main stage looked amazing from any angle,especially in VVIP. It gave one the feeling that what was to take place would be electrifying. At the time we arrived Mpume was giving the audience exactly what they paid for(this should give you an indication what time we arrived,all I have to say about this is that I was not the DRIVER!!) with songs that have made her a household name (see what I did there *wink*). After her performance the stage crew got to work setting up for the next performance,it was at this point we decided to check out the other stages.

    We found ourselves at the mercy of DJ Franky at the House of Flava stage who’s set felt like a time capsule taking us to a more innocent time. His selections were reflective of a man with a deep understanding of house music and of his audience. We partied like it was midnight,thanks to the
    stage being indoors. His set removed whatever doubts that might have been lingering in the back of our minds. With the sun going down,we needed sundowners! So it was off to the bar we went!

    It was at this point that evening took a rather uncomfortable turn. Seeing that we were VVIP for the day,my party companion and I made a shocking discovery…drinks had to be paid for!!!!! Being the simple minded person that I am,I made the assumption that being VVIP came with a few comforts. Not only were there no drinks but even the seating was not enough for all of us. Sparing a thought for all the hard work that goes into an event that large,I must admit I was disappointed by the handling of the VVIP area. The choices in drinks were few,the food seem to have pre-planned stomachs to call their home,the sound was low and seemed to fluctuate throughout the night.

    There were a few notable performances at this year’s Spring Fiesta including Lars Behrenroth, Atjazz feat Ross on bass,DJ Kent and the awesomeness that was Vinny Da Vinci and DJ Christos. Given that we couldn’t be in two places at once there was a lot we missed however the performances we did catch were well worth the wait. Over the course of the day I heard one question continuously circle my mind and the minds of some around me,it was a question that has stayed with me since and one I hope the organisers will answer in due time. I wondered why some of the About Soul stage artists were tucked away in that corner? The beats that came from that stage could make corpses dance!! The people that had come together in front of that stage hardly moved as they were taken on a deep house road trip. Perhaps things will change but we’ll just have to wait and see.

    All in all it was a good time with a few hiccups here and there…but try to remember the last gig you went to where everything was perfect…its fine…I’ll wait. – @Jack_5foot4

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